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Professional singing lessons in Bradford & Halifax. Sing in the most comfortable and easy way possible whilst achieving the voice you desire!

Do you dream of singing on stage? Maybe you would like to front a band, sing on a reality TV show or just like to sing for fun. With Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons you can achieve your dreams and goals when it comes to singing. Singing lessons are for every ability whether you are an absolutely beginner or a touring and recording professional.

These lessons are available all over the world via skype!

Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons is not only about singing though, we are here to help you with music theory and songwriting too!

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Singing Lessons

Give yourself the voice that you always desired. Gain a unique voice without sounding like anyone else.

Sing Your Heart Out

Music Theory

Get your popular music theory up-to-date. Tutoring given in: Instrumental theory (Rockschool and LCM exams), GCSE & A-Level and University work.
Become A Music Nerd


Need help with lyrics? Want to give your music that kick it is missing? Not a clue on how and where to start?
Write The Next Hit


Here are some very kind clients have said about me. If you would like to see anymore then please send me a message.

I needed a teacher who knew about rock singing, one of the most demanding genres vocally. Will through the whole idea of “naturally good singers” out of the window. We approached it like any other instrument which can be taught and learnt and if the time and dedication is put in it can be learnt.Garath
Punk Rock Singer
Will has taught me so much about technique I find it quite amazing what I can now do with my voice. I feel I can sing correctly without the risk of damage to the vocal cords. Sarah
Singer in a local covers band.
Will has been a huge help in getting my voice back on track and where I wanted to be with my singing. The knowledge I have gained with the techniques and regular warm ups has really helped me to develop my voice and have a richer tone and power especially in my higher range. My confidence has greatly improved, I am able to perform in front of crowds and truly believe in myself.Nichola
Performs in musical theatre.
My vocals have improved massively on the live circuit! I have very little worry going on stage now. As long as I warm up and remember what Will taught me, I can shout at the crowd all night if I want to!Anthony
Metal Vocalist
Will has helped me to build on my chest and middle voice so I can reach higher notes without straining or shying into my upper register. He’s also really improved my confidence and belief in myself which has had a knock on effect on my singing. The more confident I am the more notes I can sing that I thought I couldn’t get.Emma
Professional Wedding Singer
Will taught me to relax a lot more while singing to try to reduce vocal strain, and also to link my head voice into my range. It is taking a lot of practice, but I can feel a huge difference already. Greg
Screamer, Singer, YouTuber.

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