Water and Rest

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Firstly, I know this is a very common singing blog and yes, teachers do go on about how water is important for the voice but that is because it is completely true!

Let me tell you about a car I drive. The other day a little notification popped up on the dashboard stating “Refill Ad Blue”. Myself and my better half being the car mechanic rookies we are shrugged our shoulders and carried on. Let’s skip forward. One month later I am on the way to pick her up from work and for some reason, the car just wouldn’t accelerate and I was stuck doing no more than 50mph. I had become that guy on the dual carriageway everyone stared at as they were overtaking. Once she had got in the car (and I’d given the car a rest) I told her and she just blamed it on my driving so, we carried on.

It happened again.

It seemed to be giving me short bursts of performing like the car we had been accustomed to and then prolonged periods of not working to its full potential. Once she had kicked me out of the driver’s seat and realised that it was the car we turned to the one thing we could think of… The Ad Blue. We quickly made our way to the nearest garage and fed the poor car 10L of the stuff. It has performed better than ever since then.

Now, let’s replace “Ad Blue” with “Water” and of course, relate this to singing – I promise I will be quicker with this bit. If the vocal cords do not have enough lubrication then they: dry out, get stiff, tickle and result in you coughing, hurting yourself and having to work harder to create the vocalising you are used to. If you are having to work harder then you will fatigue quicker and not have the stamina to carry on your set or your usual routine. Like in my not very interesting story the car didn’t have the power to perform to its usual standard because one of its main components to keep it running was missing. Being dehydrated will let you perform in short bursts and leave you with longer recovery time and/ or will not let you perform to 100% of your capability. If I had spent a little time to keep the vital components topped up then this would never have happened.

If you drink lots of water daily you will be healthier and your voice will perform to a higher standard.


Our personal dashboard notice is our urine. If your pee is clear then there is nothing to fear. Keep that little saying in your mind to keep an eye on your hydration levels.

Also, pay attention to how you feel. If you are tired then have a rest. Rest is our fuel level in the car. If you are tired you will start pushing harder and again, you will not last as long and the fuel will disappear quicker than usual.

I hope you enjoyed this little story that I could simply have missed out and put “drink more water.” Where’s the fun in that though? Water can be related to the oil and other vital components of the car but this is what I ended up with.

Anyway, keep hydrated. Keep singing!