About Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons

Welcome and thank you for showing interest about what makes Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons. We will keep it short and sweet and cut out all the boring bits.

Meet William Marshall

Creator, Director and Tutor at Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons.


William studied at Huddersfield University specialising in vocals. During his time in higher education he also undertook studies in composition, music theory, music analysis, computer recording techniques and conducting. Since leaving the studying has not stopped with William constantly researching contemporary ways and new methods of vocalisation.

Research and Training

William's unique way of teaching singing has come about from undertaking lessons and research sessions from the worlds leading professionals and educational institutions in the vocal world. William has studied with professionals from all over the world ranging from: vocal scientists, ENT doctors, speech therapists and singing teachers for celebrities. He feels that you can not ever stop learning and that his own research and practise is a pay back to his loyal clients.


From an early age William was a guitarist who decided to start singing for his band. During this time he lost his voice and decided to undertake lessons. From this a love and passion for singing evolved overtaking all other instrumental passions. Since this incident William has sung in many original and professional cover bands ranging in many different vocal styles. He gives regular and many vocal sessions privately to clients as well as conducting workshops, choirs and classroom teachings.


Since teaching, William's clients have had lots of success in todays singing and music scene. These include vocalists: winning local competitions, no one ever failing a graded exam, all students who desire it getting into university, clients singing on major tv commercials and clients getting signed by major record labels. The biggest success of all (personally to William) is the satisfaction, confidence and happiness undertaking singing lessons with William brings to his clients. Whatever the level and what ever the age, William is there to help.

Singing In A Nutshell.

1 Singing is one of the most subjective subjects on the planet and there are a lot of claims that teachers make saying "this method is the only one that works" and "we have created the most recent and best method there is." In actual fact the majority of these methods are just different ways of presenting already existing ideas with a fantastic marketing team behind them.

2William has created a system that helps deliver the ideas of vocal technique to anyone of any ability. The idea of this system is to help you understand your voice without getting confused and caught up in unnecessary vocal science... unless you want to know it! Getting to know your voice will help untrain any bad vocal habits that cause issues such as uncontrolled: straining, breathiness, distortion, tone and fatigue.

3 Through working with William you will gain control of your voice and even better, develop vocal balance. Vocal balance will give you the powers to do anything you desire with your voice when the music and emotion calls for it. Singing isn't just about singing loud and hard. It is about connecting with your listener, expressing your emotions and passions and most importantly having fun!