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Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons - Singing Lessons

Tuition with Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons are aimed for all ages and all abilities. Regardless of your level of vocalising there is always room to make sure your vocal mechanism is working correct and that you are using a safe and healthy technique. With help, you will create a solid and balanced voice from the very bottom of your range to the very top. With this you can let your creativity and emotions shine through gripping everybody that hears you.

Instruction under Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons will help you remove any bad habits that you may have adopted. Gain help with:

– Vocal strain
– A weak sounding voice
– Extending range
– Stamina and endurance
– Eliminating embarrassing sounds, “flips, breaks, yodels”
– Gaining power
– Fatigue
– Vocal flexibility
– A balanced tone
– Hoarseness

Every lesson is tailored around your needs and ambitions. You will not be pressured to sound like someone else and your unique personal voice will be found. Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons understands the requirements of the contemporary vocalist and learning to free your voice will give you the flexibility to sing whatever you want.

Below is a slightly more detailed overview of how lessons flow. If you would like any more details then do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you have a problem then Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons can help.

What Happens In A Lesson?

The First Lesson

  • 01 A Little Chat

    We start first lessons by discussing your personal goals and ambitions of singing. You will be questioned about what you like and dislike about your voice and where you personally feel you need to improve.

  • 02 Relaxed Assessment

    After, you will then move onto a small, easy going assessment to see what is happening in the voice. This will expose any bad habits that you may have gathered and give the instructor a clear understanding of exactly what is happening.

  • 03 Voice Analysis

    Once this has taken place you will then be given a clear analysis of the voice and what is happening with it. We will then talk about what we need to do to start heading towards the voice that you want.

  • 04 Exercises and Songs

    You will then be given a number of target based exercises to help develop your dream voice. Each exercise will come with a clear instruction so that you know exactly what the goal of each one is. This will be then applied to songs that you want to sing.

Future Lessons

  • 01 Check Up

    At the start of each lesson you will have a check up to see how you have got on throughout the your practise period and how the exercises have improved your voice

  • 02 New Exercises

    As you go on exercises get easier and more challenging ones are needed. Like lifting dumbbells at a gym, eventually you will need to add more weight when your muscles get stronger. The same applies with with the voice.

  • 03 Building Repertoire

    The stronger the voice gets the more songs you will be able to sing. Your STAMINA and STRENGTH will increase and your practise sessions will get longer. This will enable you to learn new and harder songs with copious amounts of success.

  • 04 Extended Techniques

    Once you have a solid, flexible voice then you can have even more fun than you are already having! Adding extended techniques can include: screaming, distortion, growls, different tones, vibrato, riffs, runs and well, just about anything you can think of.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01 Casual Check Up

    If you are feeling happy and confident with your voice then a new exercises are not needed as regularly. A casual check and work out will be given to make sure the voice is staying safe and flexible.

  • 02 Style

    Lessons will be focused a lot more on you as the individual and really developing your style and vocal persona. Being yourself in singing is the best thing you can do. Why try to be anyone else?

  • 03 Emotion

    Emotion is the one thing that will grab your listener. At the end of the day you can be a poor performer but if the emotion is spot on, the listener will connect and respond exactly how you need them too.

  • 04 Lyrics

    Learning how to use lyrics other than just reading them will make you stand out to the listener without them knowing. You will develop the use of consonants instead of just singing the vowels. Consonants are a singers secret weapon.

Singing lessons with BHSL are easy to understand and the pressure isn’t on to sound perfect all the time. When I got rid of the thought of everything being perfect, singing become fun and very playful. The approach filled in all the gaps in my vocal knowledge that other programs and teachers missed out. I am so glad I found BHSL. Charlie.
Front man in a Classic Rock Covers Band.