Songwriting has been misconceived as something you can either do or can’t do.

To put it simple… it can definitely be taught!

Getting behind the mechanics of songwriting can be tricky at first but Bradford Halifax Singing Lessons has an easy formula that will have you writing catchy songs before you know it. You can cheat your way through the theory, create an awesome riff, pour yourself into the lyrics and create unforgettable melody lines. There are methods behind it and BHSL’s is one of the most simple.


Writing chords for songs is one of the easiest things to get stuck with. With BHSL you will learn: how to write in different keys without having to know much theory, how to change keys during a song, how to add more exotic sounding chords that are out of key and how to add chord extensions.


Do your lyrics all sound sad? Do you struggle where to start with writing lyrics? Do you always have to write your lyrics after you have written the music?
It is completely possible to write the lyrics first and have a completely gripping song without writing a single note. Lyrics are about metaphors, line structure, subtle rhyming, rhythmic placement/ displacement of consonants and so much more. Arm yourself with an awesome lyrics writing toolbox.

Melody and Harmony

Melody and Harmony is where a song really comes together. You may have the lyrics and the chords but then we need to add a catchy melody for the vocals and lead instrumental. What about creating vocal harmony that isn’t just 3rds all the way through? What can other instruments play that isnt just the root note? BHSL can help you with all these in a quick and easy to understand way!

I wrote my dad a song for Christmas in the style of my favourite singer. He loved it and Will helped me write my chords and lyrics. We even recorded it with all his recording gear. It was awesome! He has inspired me so much that I like to write a song every week now. Thank you, Will.James, 11
Would like to be a songwriter and solo artist when he is older.